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Hey, welcome to Vagabond’s diary and read the stories! Get some tips and tricks about traveling solo or the first time, so that you can start your trip with no doubts. Learn through my experience and be efficient. Dream a rainbow, but travel smart! Jump immediately to http://www.natasakuzele.com/blog/.

I started my journey a long time ago, not knowing where could I get. I’ve seen many places and met tremendous people and never regretted the single day that I’ve spent traveling! If I could get my time back I would be even more adventurous and challenge my self harder. Thirty countries later I still want to go further and conquer the world. Well, I don’t know if I’ll ever make it but I set up a goal – to see all the continents, draw my map of the world and write the Vagabond’s diary! Did I achieve any of this? So far I’ve visited three continents, started to draw a map and I write the Vagabond’s diary as often as I can. ‘Trying to make a decision about starting your own journey? You knocked on the right door :-). Steal an idea, do it in your way and embrace the filling!

And, did I already say welcome to Vagabond’s diary? Well, it doesn’t hurt to repeat it, it may change your life.

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Hello, a few words about me! My name is Natasa, and I was born and raised in the most beautiful country in the world – Yugoslavia. It doesn’t exist anymore. But I still exist! I travel, I work, I love, live and write! I follow the saying that I once saw in Hong Kong underground passage: The World Is a Book and Those Who Do Not Travel, Read Only One Page” St. Augustin.



Singapore Botanic Gardens Singapore Botanic Gardens, the incredible, monumental site of nature. The Gardens received an inscription as a UNESCO World Heritage Site from the World Heritage Committee on 4 July 2015. This year it’s celebrating 160 years of astonishing history. Once you visit it, you’ll desire to come back again. If you walk just five …

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